National Agency for Radioactive Waste — ANDRAD — is in Romania, by law, the competent authority for the disposal administration of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste and for the coordination of the predisposal management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, inclusive decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Government Ordinance (GO) No. 11/January 30, 2003 and Government Decision (GD) No. 1601/December 23, 2003 established the ANDRAD’s foundation and organization. In accordance with GO No. 11/2003, republished, on the safe management of the radioactive waste, ANDRAD has the responsibility to endorse the decommissioning documentation issued by the main radioactive waste generators (nuclear installations and other major radiological installations: radioactive waste treatment plants, radioactive waste storage facilities, post irradiation examination laboratories, centres for radioisotopes production etc.). ANDRAD receives for endorsement some of the documentation for decommissioning that is provided by enforced norms for each type of nuclear facility. There are presented the nuclear facilities that must have decommissioning documentation endorsed by ANDRAD, the type of documents submitted by license holder to ANDRAD and the procedure of endorsement in relation with the regulatory body (CNCAN) approval of the decommissioning documents.

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