For prestressed concrete containment structure, prestress loss is a key factor that affects the performance of containment structure. Therefore, prestressed time-limited aging analysis (TLAA) is essential for containment structures. The main objective of prestressed TLAA is to assess the safety of containment structures after prestress loss occurred over time. This paper takes the in-service containment structure as an example to investigate the method of TLAA for grounted prestressed containment structure. Firstly, it introduces methods for prestressed TLAA. Secondly, a finite element model of containment structure is established to calculate the minimum required value (MRV) of prestress. The numerical model is verified by the pressure test results. Thirdly, prestress loss of tendons is calculated. Finally, the residual prestress of tendons are compared with the MRV of prestress to confirm whether the containment can service in a certain period. This study can provide guidance for goouted prestressed TLAA of containment structures.

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