In this study, we designed and built a 1 kW (16-cells) stack prototype of high temperature PEM fuel cell with 440cm2 active area of each individual cell. The purpose of this research is to experimentally study the performance of our newly built high temperature PEM fuel cell stack at different operating conditions and to judge the performance for possible commercialization aspects. The performance of the fuel cell stack in terms of current-voltage characteristics has been experimentally measured for each of the cells in the 16-cell stack (1kW). Experimental data of this type is required to develop and validate the fuel cell models to understand and optimize the operation of the stack and further stack design improvements. The fuel cell stack is fed with industry-grade (99.999%) pure hydrogen. The fuel cell stack was extensively tested at 145°C and the current-voltage characteristics were determined by varying the current loads. The results will be very helpful to understand the cell performance in terms of current-voltage characteristics of 1kW PEM fuel cell stack.

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