Objective: This work aims to present to the Plan of Communications and Relationship with Communities implemented by TBG as a tool for the Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline integrity management. Scope: In studies carried out by the European Gas Pipeline Incident Data Group (EGIG), global statistics demonstrate that most accidents involving pipelines are caused by improper actions of third parties. The expansion of sugar cane crops and the improvements in utilities, such as telephone, electricity, water and sewage services in the cities along the pipeline have increased the number of events of interference in the right-of-way. These facts have evidenced the need for creating a Plan of Communications and Relationship with landowners and neighboring communities to assure the continuous monitoring of the Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline right-of-way. The Plan of Communications and Relationship with Communities is designed to reduce the risk of accidents caused by the improper action of third parties. The strategy of action is focused on strengthening the relationships among the right-of-way technical staff, TBG subcontractors, and other publics affected by the pipeline. It also encourages the use of the toll-free Gas Hotline (0800 026 0400) - TBG main communication channel with communities. The intensive publicity targeted at specific audiences ensures that local populations and other relevant publics raise their awareness on the importance of preserving the right-of-way, and the precautions that must be taken in their neighborhoods, mainly in cases of interferences, such as urban improvement projects and farming activities by keeping permanent contact with TBG through the Gas Hotline. This work will also present the interfaces among the right-of-way technical staff, the corporate communications team, and specific target audiences; communication resources, guidelines, technical training programs, Gas Hotline monitoring and management plans, indicators of services provided to the communities and landowners, and the results of the Gas Pipeline Management Program.

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