To solve the problem that Various post-treatment technologies were needed to improve the field emission in the current preparation of screen printing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) film, a novel pulping process without post-treatment for screen printing ZnO nanoneedles was presented. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) was used for pulping agent and water was used for dissolvent in this process. The measurement of field emission revealed that the ZnO nanoneedles film prepared by mass ratio 3:5 of ZnO nanoneedles to the paste agent had the lowest turn-on field 2.25V/μm at the current density of 1μA/cm2, and the uniform distribution and great density of luminance points of the ZnO nanoneedles was obtained at the applied field of 4V/μm. This method had a good utility value in the fabrication of ZnO nanoneedles field emission display.

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