In order to detect methane (CH4) accurately and reliably, this paper presents a sensor which consists of infrared diode, fixtures, blazed grating, to realize the extremely narrow-bandwidth light at wavelength of 1.331μm. Based on factors such as compatibility with the transmission characteristics of silica fiber and the cost, a LED (light-emitting diode) with center wavelength of 1.3μm is selected. The LED light is modulated as the parallel light beam. As the light is incident in a micro-blazed grating with certain angle, by diffraction and interference, the light will output the maximum light intensity of its diffraction order at 1.331 μm, which just is an absorption peak of CH4. Micro-blazed grating applied here is low cost and easy replication by various ways, which makes extreme narrow width wavelength possible. Simulation and analysis indicate the designed prototype can output 1.331μm with bandwidth from 1.32907μm to 1.332495μm. With the light source basing on light dividing system, more reliable and higher sensitive measurement of the dangerous gases such as methane and carbon monoxide (CO) can be realized.

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