Corrugated plate heat exchangers are increasingly used in two-phase flow applications for their flexible and compact size and the efficient heat transfer performance. This paper presents a review of recent studies on the subject and creates a database containing 533 data points from experiment studies. The collected database covers seven working fluids, a wide range of vapor quality (both mean and local) 0.01–0.94, heat flux 0.5–46 kW m−2, mass flux 5.5–137 kg m−2 s−1, chevron angle 30°–70°, and hydraulic diameter 1.7–4.0 mm. Based on the database a brief comparison between several previous correlations are discussed. A new prediction method for flow boiling heat transfer coefficient is generated by multiple regression analysis and modifying an existing correlation. It was observed that the modified correlation shows a better agreement and predicts 74.3% of data points within ±30% error band and 94.9% within ±50% error band.

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