The touch down zone (TDZ) of steel catenary riser (SCR) is subject to fatigue damage. As a significant fatigue indicator, the variation of the stress range largely depends on the instantaneous changing bending moment. In this paper, a non-linear interaction model between seafloor and SCR is developed to consider the formation of trench at TDZ and its effect on the variation of bending moment. The seafloor soil is modeled by the nonlinear springs, whose stiffness is calculated according to nonlinear load-deflection relationship, such that the effect of cyclic loading can be simulated. The modeling of trench evolution and bending moment variation near the touchdown point (TDP) under cyclic loading are further conducted using the finite element software ABAQUS. The results show that the trench shaping is related to the uplift displacement of SCR and its number of cycles. The dependence of the bending moment on the displacement cycles near TDP is also investigated.

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