Recent work in nonlinear topological metamaterials has revealed many useful properties such as amplitude dependent localized vibration modes and nonreciprocal wave propagation. However, thus far, there have not been any studies to include the use of local resonators in these systems. This work seeks to fill that gap through investigating a nonlinear quasiperiodic metamaterial with periodic local resonator attachments. We model a 1-dimensional metamaterial lattice as a spring-mass chain with coupled local resonators. Quasiperiodic modulation in the nonlinear connecting springs is utilized to achieve topological features. For comparison, a similar system without local resonators is also modeled. Both analytical and numerical methods are used to study this system. The dispersion relation of the infinite chain of the proposed system is determined analytically through the perturbation method of multiple scales. This analytical solution is compared to the finite chain response, estimated using the method of harmonic balance and solved numerically. The resulting band structures and mode shapes are used to study the effects of quasiperiodic parameters and excitation amplitude on the system behavior both with and without the presence of local resonators. Specifically, the impact of local resonators on topological features such as edge modes is established, demonstrating the appearance of a trivial bandgap and multiple localized edge states for both main cells and local resonators. These results highlight the interplay between local resonance and nonlinearity in a topological metamaterial demonstrating for the first time the presence of an amplitude invariant bandgap alongside amplitude dependent topological bandgaps.

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